Investment Corner

Our Service

Equities Trading

I V Global provides investment consultant teams to both foreign and local individual and institutions. The company can assure our clients of professional consultant services. Clients can make transactions through our company by themselves via Internet with SETTRADE-Streaming, SETTRADE IPhone, IVG Gold and/or phone-in.


Derivatives Trading

I V Global is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to conduct investment consultant on derivatives trading business. Derivatives trading can be used as a tool for managing investment and market risks as well as portfolio adjustment requiring less capital than direct investment in stock market.


Investment Research and Service

I V Global provides daily electronic market trading notes, and comments to the domestic and foreign investors. We conduct fundamental analysis of publicly listed companies on regular basis and/or customers’ requests.


Securities Borrowing and Lending Service

Investors who hold securities which are constituents of the SET50 can gain additional benefits by lending their securities and earn lending fee while their current benefits such as dividend, voting rights etc. remain unchanged.

Mutual Fund Selling Agents

I V Global provides more investment choices to investors through investment of mutual fund units. Mutual funds offer investment advantages to investers who find themself difficult to invest directly for their own. Advantages include ongoing professional management, diversification of assets, liquidity, and reinvestment of investment benefits.

Debt Instruments Trading

The unprecedented growth of bond trading has ushered in a new era in the Thai capital market. With comprehensive knowledge of the bond market, we give our clients the unique advantage of extending and diversifying their investment portfolios, be it for short-term or long-term gains. As member number 45 of the Thai Bond Dealing Center, we handle trades of government bonds, state enterprise bonds, (both guaranteed and non-guaranteed by the Ministry of Finance) and corporate instruments.

Investment Banking

I V Global provides services as follow:

Financial Advisory Services: Preparation of securities for listing on the capital market, valuation, independent opinions, special reports to customers’ shareholders, divestitures, corporate defense activities, restructuring and spin-offs.

Underwriting: Provides assurances of successful debt or equity issuance to both sellers and buyers of the securities.


Merger and Acquisition Services: Advisory service on joint ventures, acquisition and disposition of significant assets, MBOs and LBOs.


Private Fund

I V Global Private Fund service offers high-net worth individuals a unique chance to invest in the Thai Stock market. By applying the basic principle of Buddhism to eliminate GREED and FEAR in investment, our service aims to deliver absolute alpha to clients over the medium and long term. We also believe in sharing, thus 10% of our collected performance fee will be donating to any charity/cause designated by the clients. While each private fund can be tailor made, our main investment programs consist of 1) Relative value oriented, 2) Dividend oriented and 3) Momentum oriented. All private funds will be managed by our fund manager,