Investment Corner

Company History


I V Global Securities Public Company Limited has been in the securities business since 1972. The company began its life as Mitthai Euro-Partner Finance and Investment Co before changed its name to Thai Sakura Finance and Securities Co., Ltd. The Securities business was separated to form “Thai Sakura Securities Company” with a registered capital of Bt100 million. After a group of prominent Thai and foreign investors purchased Thai Sakura’s shares from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation on August 22, 2001, the company changed its name to Intel Vision Securities. On May 8, 2006, to clearly communicate, both to our valued customers and to our valuable employees, our emphasis on competing in the international business stand, the company, then, changed its corporate name again to "I V Global Securities Plc.“


The company was awarded the following five license from the Ministry of Finance and three licenses directly from the Securities and Exchange Commission:


v     Securities Broker

v     Securities Dealer

v     Investment Advisor

v     Securities Underwriter

v     Securities Borrowing and Lending

v     Derivatives Broker

v     Debt Securities Broker

v     Mutual Fund Selling Agent


I V Global Securities is recognized and licensed as broker number 30 (IVG) at the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).


I V Global Securities Plc. has steadily grown both on the brokerage and investment banking businesses. As the company grew, the brokerage business has steadily increased through its network and reputation, which has resulted in an increase of high net worth investors and large foreign institutions. The Investment Banking business has also grown from initially assisting companies to raise funding through private placements to providing independent financial advisory reports to minority shareholders of companies listed on the SET. Today, the Investment Banking team continues to provide these services but has also secured major engagements including financial advisory and lead underwriting roles for IPOs, co-underwriting roles for IPO issues, as well as some cross border and local M&A transactions.